Brand Development | Brand Sponsorship Deck | Media Kit | Presentation Design
The Client:

WERC CREW is a multi-functional experiential agency that was birthed from a collective of Atlanta, GA based content creators. After realizing the need for a more inclusive nightlife culture focused less on bottle sections and more on the music and the people, a series of live events in 2014 evolved into a crew of performing artists, visual artists, designers, producers, deejays and event coordinators.

The Objective:

Overall WERC CREW didn’t necessarily have a company identity as imaging had been largely focused around the events. The party brands themselves were colorful, vibrant, and illustrated. All of them were geared towards the woman’s eye. The agency branding didn’t necessarily have to match the party promotions side. As far as the website, WERC CREW wanted to find a distant way to point guests to the agency side or their event promotions side.

Ultimately, WERC CREW wanted a company identity at the intersection of gritty but playful, colorful but edgy, guerilla. Think Vice meets Adult Swim. Fools Gold and Mad Decent were the “north star” references.

The Achievement:

• Presentation Design
• Social Data & Audience Insights
• Brand Partnership Deck