To Be Hosted
Brand Development | Brand Sponsorship Deck | Presentation Design
The Client:

To Be Hosted is an experience agency that specializes in producing dinner parties, events and bespoke activations. We believe specificity is king. As an agency, our work centers on food & beverage, home & lifestyle, or culture & causes. This allows us to bring a deep knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm to our clients. In all that we do, we are on a mission to produce more equitable and interesting social gatherings that inspire consumers, and champion our community of diverse chefs, vendors, and creators.

The Objective:

To Be Hosted, challenged our team to create a sponsorship deck that combines information about their agency services with information about their community events. We wanted to ensure that we created one master document that outlines the benefits of partnering with their organization while simultaneously pitching sponsors on supporting their events and initiatives.

The Achievement:

• Official Sponsorship Deck
• How To Maintain Deck Styling
• Template Layouts