PeachBasket Invitational
Brand Sponsorship Deck
The Client:

The 1891 executive team delivered the beginnings of a sponsorship deck that needed to be improved for storyline and design. They own and operate a basketball, Olympic-focused, invitational event that they pitch for corporate sponsorships such as Sprite and similar sports-focused brands.

The Objective:

PeachBasket Invitational is a bi-annual public and emerging national basketball competition created for minor league basketball athletes to gather, showcase their talent, compete and serve...together. Since 2017, 1891 has evolved the game we love with community in mind. Black owned and focused on impacting lives through basketball, 1891 has impacted the community of basketball and all those that touch the game by providing beautiful tech, data that tells a compelling story and a platform that empowers the community to achieve more.

The Achievement:

• Strategy Consulting
• Brand Partnership Deck