High Profile Conversations Curated by Lizzy Jeff at A3C Festival

Photo by Jaylon Smith

Last week, the A3C Festival + Conference hosted thousands of artists, fans and industry executives in the true spirit of community. A3C made special note to highlight women in hip-hop with an all female indoor stage presented by Toyota featuring some of the most talented female artists on the rise. Keeping that same energy, our team at Intecoo took the opportunity to create a space for candid conversations about hip-hop, cannabis and the power of women in the industry w/ High Profile.

Meet Lizzy Jeff…the medicine woman.

The L.A. based “Neo-Hippie” is diversifying the cannabis landscape with her empowering and lifestyle approach to its culture.

Named “Queen of the Cannabis Renaissance” by L.A. Weekly, Lizzy Jeff is carving a space of experience + education for minorities in the industry.

Despite the acceptance around cannabis pivoting over the last decade, there are still thousands of people of color behind bars due to marijuana charges.

Lizzy Jeff is using her voice and platform to elevate dialogue around healing through cannabis. 

Working in a dispensary and attending many industry events, she realized the lack of diversity within this realm and was inspired to tell her own story.

From providing education about plant-based health to social activations surrounding self-care and healing, Lizzy is dedicated pushing the culture forward by infusing spirituality into the mainstream cannabis space.

She spreads her good vibes through inspiring poetic raps, and is known for creating the highest vibe through her mindfully curated experience called Zen & Kush in L.A. 

“I realized how important it was to share my medicine so, I created something different, something that could uplift and inspire the people. That’s when Zen & Kush was birthed,” she says.

During the A3C Festival & Conference, Lizzy had the opportunity to chat with DJ Rosegold, Sammy Approved, Yung Baby Tate, & Porchia Marie about hip-hop, cannabis and the power of women in the industry.

Peep the video above to listen in on a piece of conversation, and follow her on Instagram for more of her magic. We’ll be releasing more very soon.