You From… Brooklyn: The Hilarious Web-Series We Didn’t Know We Needed


On the heels of the premiere of season 2 of You, Netflix’s thriller romance about a sociopath’s obsession with love, the Internet has blessed us with a bunch of new memes. 

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And in true Black people fashion, it didn’t stop there. Filmmaker Karl Lunsford took it a step further and created a web- series called You From… Brooklyn. Within one week of its release, the video garnered more than 18K YouTube views, and was featured in Fast Company and Shadow And Act.

We asked Karl what inspired him to create this content, aside from the Netflix series itself. 

“I actually was always intrigued by people’s inner thoughts that can either prevent them from taking action by creating anxiety of what can go wrong, or convincing themselves enough to attack what they want/need.”

As Josiah, the lead guy walks through a grocery store in Brooklyn, he’s mesmerized by Mercedes, a cutie casually strolling through the aisles. We get a glimpse of his inner thoughts, which are equal parts hilarious and relatable.

“You look comfortable.. I can’t see your lacefront. Classy. I wonder if you took the bus here. I’ll carry the bags, you can hop the turnstile…. We can be the Brooklyn Queen & Slim.”

Karl’s work exemplifies the beauty of the age we live in — we don’t necessarily need big budgets from brands to create culturally relevant content for our people. Sure those coins help, but we can carve our own lane and make them take note

What stands out most in the piece is that we can truly see ourselves in Josiah. At one point of time we’ve all debated on if we should shoot our shot with someone we had our eye on. This common connection is the centerpiece to what made this video go viral.

“I came up with the concept from knowing what guys are thinking before approaching a woman or not,” Karl laughs. “We create these ridiculous scenarios — so do women, but in a different way. It’s all relatable — us following him, being apprehensive. [I think] that’s what’s entertaining because you’re wrenching through what he’s feeling as he admires her and gets disappointed as he builds the confidence.”

When asked what we can expect from the web-series, Karl says, “I’ll just say the location alone is going to be relatable if you grew up dating in NYC. You’ll definitely admire his persistence, I’ll say that.”

We’re here for creators of color making content that speaks to our culture! Shout out to Karl and his team, Alexa, Malak, and Tanair, for the laughs. We’re looking forward to what’s next from this web-series. Follow them on Instagram to stay updated on future episodes.

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