Comedian Desi Banks Hosts MAINSTREAM, A Social Media Upfront For Creators


If you haven’t seen one of Desi Bank’s videos on Instagram, you legit may be living under a rock.  With more than 4M social media followers, this East Atlanta native is a comedian who’s “Hood Dudes Be” viral videos have helped him stand out amongst a sea of other content creators.

Earlier this year, Desi made his Hollywood debut in the film “Little,” starring Regina Hall and Issa Rae. He’s also securing the bag from brand partnerships with companies like Google Pixel and TikTok.

Desi will host the first installment of MAINSTREAM, Intecoo’s social media upfront experience that’ll help brands discover new talent, content and partnership opportunities with creators, on Saturday, November 16th from 10 a.m – 3 p.m. at Sony Square NYC

If you’d like to attend MAINSTREAM, please RSVP here: mainstream.splashthat.com/.

We chatted with Desi about upcoming projects, inspiration and the impact that MAINSTREAM can make on the industry.

Check it out!

Tell us more about your new web series “How It Goes Down In The Hood.”

The series is something new and fresh and inspired by my “How Hood Dudes Be” videos. I started those videos years ago and it’s cool to see how they’ve caught on and each video is going viral! This project is special because it’s a true representation growth of my work over the years and it will be written and produced through my production company. I’m so excited to put it out and see what doors open from this!

What inspired this project?

The people inspired me. So many people can relate to these experiences. While growing up I’ve come across so many standout “characters” within my hood. I wanted to bring a positive light on our experiences and truly make relatable and funny content while paying homage.

What do you wish brands knew about working with content creators like yourself?

I consider many things, one main thing being does it align with my brand and audience. I wish the brand understood how truly creative we are and how valuable our content is. Many times creators steer away from working with too many brands because of the restrictions and lack of creative control.

Desi Banks

What impact do you think MAINSTREAM will have on creators and brands?

I believe MAINSTREAM will positively impact the lives of creators and brands because it’s eliminating the 3rd party and bringing the talent directly to the brands. It allows creators to control the way they are perceived and gives them a chance to showcase their expertise and value. We can showcase why we influence and how.

What inspired you to get involved with MAINSTREAM?

My team presented the information to me and once I understood the purpose, I was down! I think MAINSTREAM is needed for creators of color because there are many missed opportunities because brands box us all in and we are not thought of for “mainstream” influencer opportunities. We drive and shape culture so it was time for something like this to be created! Additionally, I think it’s dope!

Stay tuned for our MAINSTREAM recap! 


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