5 Ways To Master Your Brand Like Beyonce



We’ve seen it time and time again throughout her 22+ years in the game. She recently schooled us on how to create an experience for your audience in her Netflix film Homecoming, which shares the makings of her iconic Coachella performance.

Beyonce’s strategy and execution is unmatched. We studied her craft to identify 5 ways that creators and young professionals can master their brand.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the lessons we discuss in our artistic brand analysis.


Brought the unique HBCU experience to Coachella. In a world where people question the relevancy of HBCUs, Beyonce highlighted the rich experience of attending one and the significance of Homecoming season.

She honed in on details that make an HBCU experience … from the black orchestra to the steppers to the drum majors and everything in between. Even incorporating Lift Every Voice and Swag Surf was an ode to what’s important to Black people and our culture.

Although Beyonce didn’t attend an HBCU, she has always been immersed in the culture while growing up in Houston In the film she said she dreamed of attending an HBCU. She attended Battle of the Band shows and used to practice with Destiny’s child at Texas Southern University.


Beyonce didn’t headline Coachella the year she was originally supposed to because of her pregnancy. We saw the iconic performance in 2018, but this film helped us understand all the sacrifices and sweat that went into Homecoming.

Beyonce is strategic, so we should have known there would be more to the performance. She repackaged the content into the Homecoming film and a Live album so we can continue to experience her greatness on demand.

Beyonce gave us a glimpse into her personal world in the film. She opened up about the health struggles that she faced while being pregnant with twins — including high blood pressure, emergency C section. She also shared the work she put in to rebuild her body. Although she’s indeed Queen Bey, this helped us relate to her more and see her as the human she is instead of the artistic goddess.

Mixed in between footage of the performance was behind the scenes clips of Beyonce and her team preparing for Coachella, spending time with family and other priceless moments (like her facetiming Jay Z to show that she was able to fit into her costume again). The variety of quality and raw content helped create a more dynamic story.


“It was important to me, that everyone that had never seen themselves represented felt like they were on the stage with us”

We think Beyonce’s bigger WHY is to use her God given talents to be a light and shine a light on the beauty of Black people. She creates an experience for her fans and always delivers excellence

  • With Homecoming, Bey continues to build on her legacy and make sure generations live the life she paved for them
  • Instant gratification vs. legacy building
  • Allegedly, Ariana Grande made more money for her Coachella performance, but Bey proved that she was more than an artist — she is an entrepreneur. She got a nice bag for her performance, but with the Netflix deal and streaming royalties from the Live album, Beyonce will continue to make bank. Sis has a smart strategy so we should all take notes!


    • Bey released Homecoming about a year after her Coachella performance so she could continue the conversation of how epic the two hour show really was
    • She capitalized on the time when people would be talking about Coachella
    • The amazing reviews from Homecoming has sparked conversations around the importance of HBCUs and how we need to invest and protect these sacred spaces
    • Around spring when prospective college students are choosing where to do


Beyonce knows the Beyhive well! She knew we would eat the Live album up so she dropped that in the middle of the night simultaneously with the Homecoming film

They play “Before I Let Go” at the end of HBCU graduations. That’s the summer cookout classic for Black people. We wouldn’t have thought to ask for Bey to remix it, but we’re glad she did.

A few days before Homecoming was released on Netflix, there was private screenings at some HBCUs like Spelman, Howard and TSU. Bey gave fans an opportunity to experience her brand in person.

Beyonce’s Homecoming made us feel seen. Her and her team practiced for 8 months for the 2 hour performance, and it showed. Seeing her discipline and the sacrifices she made caused us to love her even more. We hope you’ll apply these gems to become a master of your brand like the Queen.

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