10 GIFs That Are Mood AF After #FAMU Homecoming

10 GIFs That Are Mood AF After #FAMU Homecoming

Written by Jasmine Mitchell

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Homecoming is over but the memories live on. This weekend was one for the books and we hope our fellow Rattlers enjoyed themselves. In the spirit of recapping an epic weekend, let’s check out some GIFs that are mood AF right now.


1. When your friends post all the pics they took without you.

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2. When you finally check your bank account.

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3. When someone shows you footage of your drunk self.

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4. When you’re trying to keep track of all the phone numbers you got this weekend.

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5. When your friends gas you up on IG for your homecoming posts.

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6. When it’s time to recap in the group text.

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7. When someone tries to say their school’s homecoming is better.

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8. When the outfits you ordered for homecoming arrive a week late.

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9.When someone says they met you this weekend but you were too drunk to remember.

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10. When you’re at work wishing you took that extra day off.

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How was your homecoming experience? Let us know in the comments!

Originally published on Her Outlette.