Influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere – if anything it’s only becoming more relevant form of advertising that tech giants like Facebook are investing in.

As brands embrace this more authentic form of marketing, we notice a gap in the industry. Black and brown creators were being overlooked for campaigns despite the impact they have in their community and mainstream culture.

So we started Intecoo to fill that need and started inviting cultural creators to a common ground via slack.


Our roots are in Atlanta, but we’re on a mission to help multicultural creators across the country build better relationships with brands and monetize their influence. Serving as a catalyst between both parties, we make sure everyone is winning.

From identifying influencers that are the right fit for a campaign to ensuring that a brand’s message is culturally relevant, we tackle diversity in influencer marketing like no other platform.

At Intecoo, influence is done differently. We’re able to genuinely create a culture of collaboration because we’re at the center of the influential community that brands want to reach.


We know the power of authentic relationships, and we want to stay connected with you. Here are a few ways we can keep in touch:

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Cheers to authenticity, creativity and moving the culture forward!